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Upgrades for a Project Home

Consider some upgrades in your new Project Home

Project home builders rely on economies of scale to supply economical houses to a large customer base. Project home builders offer competitive rates in two ways. The first way is repeatedly building the same or similar design with problem-free assembly on or off site.  The second way is offering a standard range of inclusions that are placed within a price point.

If a homeowner has contracted the work to a budget builder and has chosen the cheapest package then the inclusion list will only include the minimum requirements to the lowest quality with a limited range. This only makes sense in terms of pricing, there is no possibility for the builder to move on quality and the homeowner will probably be happy to move into the home as budget has been the driving force of the contract.

However, not all new homeowners are first homebuyers or working towards a tight budget and will be hoping for something of a higher standard and quality to finish their new home.

Many builders pride themselves on only offering high quality inclusions and appealing to the top-end buyer. Those who want a high quality home should source those builders from the outset to have a final product that reflects the key ingredients of quality, individualisation and service.

Moreover, on top of a builder’s production style business model, they will offer a customised service of upgrades, adaptable floor plans and additions for an increased price. The bespoke business model leads to a quality and individualised home, but it also comes with a price tag that will relate to the quality of the upgrades.

Experts recommend that homeowners who choose a large selection of upgraded features should also bargain the final figure as the builder will often have a high mark-up price tag to compensate for the additional work to source, transport and place the unique piece.

Key upgrades you won’t even see

What upgrades should you choose? An upgrade that you will love forever has to have a timeless appeal and will lead to a better quality of living.

Upgrades may not be something you see as it something you feel, it might not be something that comes to your attention because it is something that never breaks down or it might not be something that you notice although it will change the whole function of your house.

What does that mean?

Any inclusion that increases the solidity of a home is worthwhile considering if you are hoping to build a home that will still be standing and meeting any challenges that nature throws at it. Some of the more serious threats in Australia include bushfire, white ants, flood, earthquake, cyclones, high winds and water inundation which can pose greater risks in different parts of the country.

You can’t plan for every disaster that will befall your house, there are too many and some are incredibly unlikely, but you can risk plan in a sensible manner. Look at the building upgrades that most likely match the serious concerns that you have for your area, install them and then hope that you never have to put them to the test.

Inclusions that increase the quality of the final product are also worth investing in if you are planning to stay for the long haul. Often hidden, quality materials can include hinges, external doors, stainless steel fittings, quality bench tops, wired in speaker outlets and enough electrical outlets to cope with modern living.

It also may mean making your house more functional and comfortable by incorporating elements of passive solar design such as shading on western walls, energy saving appliances, the appropriate eaves length on equator facing walls, insulation, double glazing, window placement to encourage airflow and additional windows on the northern or southern side to bring in the lovely winter sun.

Key Upgrades you will love forever

Choose upgrades that are timeless in their appeal, will add quality and will add a sense of personality and purpose to your living space.

Most families tend to spend most of their time within metres of the fridge, either the kids are hovering on the outside of it with the door flung open in the middle of summer waiting for a McDonalds drive through meal to appear or the cook is searching the shelves looking for the magic hidden ingredient that will start the whole creative process happening. Either way, the kitchen is the spot to be in the home.

Because everyone loves to hang there, the most logical place to invest a large chunk of change is in there. That doesn’t mean buying the biggest and best chef’s oven if you like salads and grilled fish, it does mean choosing wisely to create a space that is welcoming and comforting. Splash out on tiles, bench tops and the dream island bench for the most-used room of the house.

Lighting also has an enormous impact on the ambience of a home. It can add drama through spotlights, sophistication through picture lights, personality through shades, ambience through dimmer switches and sensible lighting for studying.

Beautiful flooring is timeless in its appeal. While there are always trends in flooring, the additional money spent on your chosen floor covering will be paid back in spades. Carpet is one of the most sensible choices for bedroom flooring as it is an inviting statement of comfort as it adds warmth and colour to all spaces and is perfect for bare feet on chilly mornings. In the living areas of the house a mix of hard and soft flooring adds drama and a sense of function. Create style and punch with flooring that will lead the guests through the house and into the garden area.

Lastly, think of your house as a whole connected to the land that it sits on and create outdoor rooms that complement the house. Just as internal rooms have a mix of public and private space, utility and relaxing spaces so the yard needs planning to incorporate the different functions it plays. You may need to include a driveway in your building plans to meet the sub-division covenants, but you also may want to include an entertaining area attached to the kitchen courtyard and set aside a utility washing area or storage shed.

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