Masterton Granny Flat Review – Haven 2

Overall we love the sense of style this granny flat has due to the high ceilings.

Review of the Haven 2 granny flat by Masterton homes.  This home is a 2 bedroom granny flat available in NSW.

Granny flats are “in”.  A small home build at around $100,000 can provide an income source or housing for an extended family member or as a guest room.  And with Sydney’s housing crisis and escalating prices, it can be a great solution to provide housing and even a source of income.  If you haven’t considered one before or just want to get more information about what to consider, check out our Granny Flat primer article.

This weekend I’ve been hearing the ads about the new granny flat now open for display at Warwick Farm for Masterton homes.  I’ll have to get out there to review it soon  but in the meantime I went out a few weeks ago and reviewed the Haven 2.  From the outside of the two granny flats, my preference is for the Haven 2… but that is because the ‘new’ granny flat was still under construction.  Stay tuned when we come back and review the ‘other’ one.  Surely a new one is going to be better again!

OK onto the Haven 2!

Overview of the Haven 2

I love it.  Mainly because I’m a sucker for tall ceilings and compact (but functional) homes.  The highlight windows are definitely a highlight in my books.  On entry, there is a small kitchen and living space.  The living space is decent and doesn’t feel cramped due to the light filled room and the wide frontage (6.71 metres).  The wide frontage is complemented by the double sliding doors which also doubles as entry into the home.  If it’s one thing that differentiates a granny flat and a ‘real’ house it’s the entry doors.  By using a sliding door as the main entry, it doubles up the utilisation and adds a lot more light.  The usual situation is that the granny flat will be in a backyard and therefore want have people gawking into the home from the street.

The Haven 2 has two bedrooms, a small bathroom (no bath) and a cupboard style laundry (some people call these “European” laundries, but I like calling a spade a spade!)  The home is priced from $83,000 as at February 2017.


There is a definite “master” bedroom in that it’s a more normal size.  The second bedroom is significantly smaller but still will fit a good double sized guest bed.  Both bedrooms have built in wardrobes.  The display version had mirrored wardrobe doors.  A good idea for a small space to provide a sense of depth and extra roominess.

Masterton Haven 2 Granny Flat Master bedroom

Laundry and Storage

Although I may sound a bit disparaging about the laundry, it’s fine.  It’s actually a lot larger than some of the other cupboard laundries I’ve seen.  This one you could park a small vacuum cleaner in and brooms and mops as well as a stacking set of washer and dryer or wall mounted dryer.  The extra height in the house also means there is extra space to store all those suitcases or extra odds and ends.   In addition to the laundry there is a generous linen closet.

Masterton Haven 2 Granny Flat linen closet

Living and Kitchen

As you can see from the photos, the living space is decent and the kitchen has a lot of potential.  The kitchen is compact but functional.  No worse than a Sydney apartment kitchen and definitely feels light and airy.  The display version had a built in table which can seat 3 easily and possibly a fourth person.  It’s definitely suited to a rectangular table.  It’s quite clever as a eat in breakfast bar would limit it’s use, and in a small space a table height is much better.

Masterton Haven 2 Living Space

The kitchen displayed is great and has a lot of cupboard storage and space for a full size fridge.  The great thing is the home has a lot of headroom.  You can easily add extra cupboards to fit the full height. Whilst it would be difficult to get to the extra height may come in handy for a relatively small home.

The living space is well designed with three main walls.  A versatile space, and the display seems to have optimised the furniture placement.    The desk in the display seems a bit odd as it overhangs the sliding door space and I’m sure if there was more time a suitable desk could be found which would fit better.

Masterton Haven 2 Granny Flat Living space

The living and dining and kitchen space opens back up to the double sliding door. I can imagine that a deck or patio out the front would be a great place to hangout — as long as you aren’t looking back at your ‘big’ house!  Remember to add privacy options to separate the main house and the granny flat.  Hedges and privacy screens are going to be your friend.  Remember the adage “fences make good neighbours”.

Some sort of privacy mechanism is required for the large glazed area in way of window coverings, and do remember to orient the home in the right way for views and for adequate sun.

You can find out more at the Masterton website for more information.

The Haven design is also available as a 1 bedroom granny flat, currently priced the same as the 2 bedroom Haven 2.


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