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As the days are getting colder in Sydney, we are using our underfloor heating and appreciating the difference it has made to our lives.  This review can be considered a long term (user) review as it is not endorsed or paid in any way but purely a review based on my personal experience with the product.  We have now been in our new home for just 2 years and are going into our third season of using the underfloor heating in the ensuite.

I’ve included a couple of photos of in progress photos.  Photos we had snuck in to take.  You wouldn’t know it’s there other than for the wall switch we have if we had waited and not snuck in…

Underfloor Heating elements

Many years ago, my husband and I visited friends of ours who had tiled floors and have ever since been a convert to warm floors.  It was an autumn day when we went over for lunch.  Their townhouse was lovely and well suited to their living… we had taken our shoes off at the door and in socked feet toured their place and had lunch.  It was freezing!  Our feet and whole bodies got colder and colder.  During lunch our feet were raised off the floor in an attempt to not have the warmth of our bodies sucked through to heating the cold thermal mass of floor that existed.  We never said anything to our hosts and friends as it was cold but was obviously great company and they are accustomed to the temperature and conditions of their home.  (We have had friends come to our place finding our place too cold too… it’s just what you are use to).  From that lunch, we have ever been ensuring we don’t end up with cold floors.

During our search for a home to build we also visited a home in the Blue Mountains which had underfloor hydronic heating in their concrete floor.  Despite being winter that home was toasty and warm and very inviting.  (This home was a bespoke and architecturally designed with reverse brick veneer and was designed with features such as thermal mass, double glazing and compact but very functional spaces.)  From that point we were converts to underfloor heating!

WarmTech Undertile heating

Fast forward to today.  This morning I stumbled into the ensuite in bare feet but rather than encountering cold floors, mine were warm.  Not hot, but warm.  Noticeably warm but it wasn’t one where I could roll on the floor in joy from the warmth.  The system is set to 22 degrees celcius.

So what is it that we have?  And what can you consider adding to your new home?  Underfloor or undertile heating.  Whilst a lot of builders don’t offer this as an option we had it added during our tile selection meeting. They were happy to add a quote for us.  There are a couple of companies out there offering undertile heating.  We didn’t select one over another as we just asked the tile selection company — in this case Di Lorenzo — to quote us for undertile heating in the ensuite.  We opted for just the ensuite as we didn’t think it was necessary elsewhere.  Our system is a Warmtech SEW0650 which is a 650 Watt InScreed Heating Element (3amps) and programmable thermostat.  We paid for just under $1000 not including the supply and connection of a 240V power supply or connection of the thermostat.   We organised that separately after handover with Warmtech.  The system we bought can currently be purchased for around $400 (I did a quick Google!) but that’s not including installation, so there is a hefty markup for the product.

Underfloor Heating pre tiles or screed

The thing I really love about is that it is a ‘set and forget’ product.  Once the thermostat is set you don’t need to touch it again.  We have ours set based on a morning and evening schedule and it ramps up and down according to the time and temperature.  I wouldn’t say the thermostat unit is the easiest to program but there’s a manual and you only need to set it up once.  I really appreciate the mornings when I can step into the ensuite from my carpeted bedroom and it feels nice.  Our shower cubicle space doesn’t have the heating elements although if we did it again I would probably ask for it to be included in that space.  We weren’t consulted and if we had been I’m not sure we would have known any differently… It’s certainly noticeable when I have a shower and finish and then am on a cold floor again (in the cubicle) and only get a more decent experience when I’m out of the shower!  So if the sizing allows it – get it to go into the shower too.  Other places to consider adding it to is the main bathroom, WC and laundry.  We did none of those.

WarmHeat Control panel and switches

You will see in the photo above that we had it originally set to 25 degrees.  We have since tuned it down to 22 degrees as we didn’t need it that warm, as long as it wasn’t feeling icy underfoot I was happy.  It also helps reduce the cost of running the system.

If we didn’t get ducted air conditioning bundled, I would have considered hydronic heating for the whole house.  As it was the undertile / underfloor heating for the ensuite has been fantastic.  It’s little things that make you love a house.  Is it going to pay back in terms of financial gain or benefit?  No, I doubt it.  But for a house which we built and built to love… then yes it’s something that an additional $1000+ is money well spent.

It’s one of the items which you want to at least consider including in your new home build as it’s not something that you can easily add later post handover.

So it’s a recommended item from me!

Note at the time of writing this is not a paid or sponsored review and merely a review of a product that we have been using long term.  

Good Things

  • Easy to add to tiling selections works
  • Set and forget
  • Helps keep mould away

Bad Things

  • Cost is significantly greater than a DIY project

The Breakdown

Set and Forget
Ease of use
Value for money
Ability to add after build

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  1. Renata

    Hello Yvonne,
    Great review!
    What about a thermostat – does it make any sound? with some systems people complain that the thermostats make clicking sounds keeping them awake….

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