process for building

Steps for building a new home

We know the new home building journey is confusing and want to provide the right resources so you know what’s coming next.  The process is difficult and without the support of others going on the same journey it can be frustrating and a money drain.  One of the main questions you may have at the beginning is how a general house build works and what the steps are.

Are you starting with a blank slate when planning to build your home?

Are you starting with a blank slate when planning to build your home?

Generally the process for building a house has the following steps:

  1. Determine if a build is right for you
  2. Check if you can afford the build by checking your finances and ongoing budget
  3. Find a block of land to build
  4. Determine what type of house you need
  5. Find builders who build the house you need
    • Search for a house design to build on the block
    • Find a home designer or architect
  6. Look at lots of display homes, look at magazines, Houzz, Pinterest
  7. Organise a house build estimate
  8. Survey land for suitability of build (site survey)
  9. Shortlist a builder or two
  10. Pay a deposit!
  11. Customise your home
  12. Get a final price proposal
  13. Sign a contract
  14. Get any approvals required (Development Application or Complying Development)
  15. Demolish house (if needed)
  16. Prepare site
  17. Build starts
  18. Some cost and scope creep…
  19. Monitor the build and wait impatiently for your new home
  20. Dream about days in your new home and hope the build finishes ‘soon’
  21. Organise post handover tasks
  22. Move in!
  23. Clean
  24. Organise driveway and less dirt
  25. Finish and furnish your home

The process is long and takes dedication and effort but the results are usually worth it with a home you will love due to the time and effort you have spent deciding on each little feature.  Added to that it’s new!  Don’t worry about new car smell, the feel of a new home is unbelievable.

Each of the steps outlined above can be long and arduous but we’ll help you along the way.  Let us know in the comments if we have missed a step or two!

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