Project Home

A project home is a house built by a project home builder.  Project builders build in volume based on a predetermined set of designs to get economies of scale.

A typical project home builder will have a small range of floor plans and house designs to choose from.  Whilst some customisations are encouraged the overall design is fixed.  The typical cost of building a house with a project home builder is significantly cheaper than building with a custom or bespoke home builder.

Project homes are cheaper to build due to certainty of supply and materials.  The builder can be quite certain that the home being built will take a certain amount of time and need a known number of resources and can be done within a price range.

Each project home builder will allow some changes but often there are changes they will refuse to do.  Their constraints are usually due to costs and expertise.  For more bespoke homes, a custom builder is more appropriate.

A project home is not a kit home.  In Australia a project home refers to houses built by volume builders or project builders.

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